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Boat Trailer Bottom Support Bracket with Keel Rollers

This support bracket, with keel rollers included, can be installed on a boat trailer to support the bottom part of the boat, which makes it an indispensable boat trailer part. Since the width of our bottom support bracket can be adjusted, it is perfect for boats from 80 – 124 cm wide, which suits both big and small ones. Constructed...

Compressed Air Pneumatic Grease Gun

This pneumatic grease gun is an indispensable helper for lubrication work in agriculture, automotive work or for applications in domestic use and professional use. It allows you to apply lubricant to a specific point with less effort while ensuring more accuracy. Air inlet: 1/4'' Hose connection: 3/8'' Working pressure: 6.3 bar Air consumption: 170 L / min Weight: 1.5 kg...

Universal pulley holder & fan clutch set

This universal pulley holder and fan clutch set is designed to remove and install fan clutches and rotate or restrain the camshaft pulley on most cars.All parts are made of heat treated steel with a satin finish, which ensures durability. And the double dipped handle allows for easy work.This toolset has an adjustable jaw spread & interchangeable pins, all supplied...

Truck Pick-up Crane with Cable & Winch

This pickup crane with cable winch can easily be mounted on your truck, this provides for easy loading and unloading. Due to the winch, you can pick up loads directly from the ground. The winch is manually operated. When fully loaded the ball bearings of the turret provides for smooth adjustment. There is a separate bracket for the included rod....

8 pcs Engine Timing Tools for VAG TSI and TFSI Engines

This engine timing tool set is designed for professional engine repairs, for example, the installation and removal of camshafts, replacement of timing chains, checking and adjustment of the camshaft timing, renewal of the cylinder head gasket, etc. Manufactured to a high standard, this set is durable enough for daily use in the workshop. This timing tool set is delivered in...

Motorbike Top Case 72 L for 2 Helmet

This motorcycle top case, with a capacity of 72 liters, has enough space to store 2 helmets, clothes or other accessories. Thanks to the built-in reflector, your visibility and road safety will be greatly improved. The case can be easily removed thanks to the quick release system. Made of high quality PP, it's waterproof and weather-resistant. Delivery includes mounting accessories...

Motorcycle Rear Paddock Stand Red

This motorcycle rear paddock stand fits for almost all modern sport bikes and dirt bikes, since it is adjustable for various swing arm widths. The twin castors provide extra stability when lifting and the broad, U-shaped support offers improved stability while the motorcycle is lifted. The non-slip rubber handle offers a comfortable and secure grip. Designed for stability, and manufactured...

Storage Shelf Rack Black 250 kg 80x40x180 cm Plastic

This storage shelf can be used in the living room as a book shelf or decoration display stand, or on the patio as a plant display rack, etc. The shelf is made of sturdy, durable plastic, therefore is very easy to clean with a damp cloth, and even more suitable for humid environment, such as kitchen, bathroom, warehouse and basement....

Giselle Bedding Folding Foam Mattress Portable Double Sofa Bed Mat Air Mesh Fabric Black

A sofa by day, a bed by night. Convertible in use, the Artiss Folding Foam Mattress is great to have in any home. It is foldable and can easily be stored away or used as an extra sofa during the day. Then when the sun begins to set, you can let it unfold to become a comfortable instant bed for...