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Boat Trailer Bottom Support Bracket with Keel Rollers

This support bracket, with keel rollers included, can be installed on a boat trailer to support the bottom part of the boat, which makes it an indispensable boat trailer part. Since the width of our bottom support bracket can be adjusted, it is perfect for boats from 80 – 124 cm wide, which suits both big and small ones. Constructed...

Mini Tyre Changer Red

This mini tyre changer is a must have for owners of small vehicles. With a height of only 42 cm, this tyre changer is not only easy to use but also easy to store! This portable mini tyre changer features a heavy-duty steel construction for maximum durability. It performs well in both mounting and bead breaking operations. The rubber handles...

Hoist Frame 600 kg

Easy to install and simple to use, our general purpose hoist frame is ideal for a wide range of lifting jobs. This hoist frame has a swivel range of 180 degrees, which will make your electric hoist a lot more versatile. Thanks to its compact size, it can be fitted in restricted spaces like workshops, garages and warehouses. This sturdy...

Motorcycle Dolly Red Motorcycle Stand

This high-quality motorcycle dolly, is perfect for you to keep your motorcycle or sport bike. Equipped with a main stand of 190 x 28.5cm (sunken width of 20 cm), and a side stand of 47 x 17.5cm (sunken width of 13 cm), this dolly has a total weight of 18 kg. Its maximum load capacity reaches 250 kg. This motorcycle...

Motorcycle Dolly Centre Stand Red

This motorcycle dolly centre stand is a must have for all motorcycle owners who want to easily move their motorcycles around the garage. It also allows you to easily park your motorcycle in any location you desire. This motorcycle dolly centre stand features four 360° heavy-duty castors, allowing your motorcycle to be moved effortlessly. It also has a built-in brake...

Mobile Axle Stand Red

This mobile axle stand helps to move your vehicles easily as well as safely when normal manoeuvring is not possible. It can be used on the chassis, axle, sills or jacking points. This mobile axle stand locks into 3 height different positions to suit your particular needs in various situations. It is also fully adjustable in length. Four large castors...

Compressed Air Pneumatic Grease Gun

This pneumatic grease gun is an indispensable helper for lubrication work in agriculture, automotive work or for applications in domestic use and professional use. It allows you to apply lubricant to a specific point with less effort while ensuring more accuracy. Air inlet: 1/4'' Hose connection: 3/8'' Working pressure: 6.3 bar Air consumption: 170 L / min Weight: 1.5 kg...

Universal pulley holder & fan clutch set

This universal pulley holder and fan clutch set is designed to remove and install fan clutches and rotate or restrain the camshaft pulley on most cars.All parts are made of heat treated steel with a satin finish, which ensures durability. And the double dipped handle allows for easy work.This toolset has an adjustable jaw spread & interchangeable pins, all supplied...

Truck Pick-up Crane with Cable & Winch

This pickup crane with cable winch can easily be mounted on your truck, this provides for easy loading and unloading. Due to the winch, you can pick up loads directly from the ground. The winch is manually operated. When fully loaded the ball bearings of the turret provides for smooth adjustment. There is a separate bracket for the included rod....